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Choose Wisely

What do you do when everything you've grown accustomed to doing turns obsolete? How do you persevere when all routines and patterns of behavior become ineffective at addressing your issues?

What options do you have when strategies specifically adopted to improve your life become a burden? 

This happens sometimes. Things stop working with no prior warning or chance for rebuttal. Systems shut down. 

That sounds mechanical, the way I say it. I'm talking about life though. That's how I look at my body and its systems. It helps to be subjective and address the issues that I'm facing. When I look at my body like a machine, it becomes easy to step back and find the source of my shortcomings. 

When my energy runs low, I fuel up. If my energy runs low prematurely, I look at the quality of fuel I've been using.

That's how I troubleshoot my life. That's my process.

What happens when that process fails? Which inevitably, it will. The fluidity of life assures it will fail, or at least be temporarily compromised. There's no plan or process for that moment. As much as I want to deny or go against that notion, I think it's an important truth.

Life is as much about patterns as it is variety. It is as much about stability as it is adaptability. It is as much about gunning it through the straightaways as it is taking it slow through the twists and turns. 

Life is equal amounts process and outcome. When the process becomes the problem, abandon the process. If the old one is failing, a new solution is needed. 

You can find pleasure in the novelty of a new situation, or feel defeated because the old solution didn't work. Whichever one you feel, it's a choice to feel that way. As much as it is a choice to rejoice at the renewed promises of mystery and challenge that life throws in your path regardless of age, experience or willingness. Of those three characteristics, you can only control one. Choose wisely.

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