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Letting the World Unfold

I've gotten a bit off track with this lately. I've mostly been chasing rabbits, I guess. 

Chasing rabbits is a quaint little expression. It implies that when you chase rabbits, you end up somewhere unexpected and unanticipated. You let yourself go so much into the chase, that by the time you look up, you've got no clue how far you've gone. 

There's a certain thrill inherent to it, finding yourself in unknown territory. There's a certain amount of dread attached as well. Above all though, there's a certain amount of comfort to letting it all unfold as it may. Because, at the root of it, that's what chasing rabbits is all about -- giving yourself over, even if only momentarily, to a singular, solitary endeavor. Whatever that whim that guides you, you follow it its entire course, no matter how far off or deep it brings you.

Just don't get lost. That's the part people always forget. 


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