Based outside of Boston, Massachusetts, The Thought Porch is a personal blog by aspiring novelist Max Ghannam. Posts explore the mind and body, as well motivational thoughts on life and sources of inspiration.

As Above, So Below

If you're at all like me, then you like knowing what makes people tick -- you're not just interested in what they do, but why they're doing it. 

If you're at all like me, this fascination has brought you to a place where you've begun to apply the principles that you've learned about the micro of individual behavior to the macro of societal behavior. 

This fascination has lead me down countless rabbit holes, sometimes spewing me out into marginal realms of thought and knowledge. Which I then spew on about endlessly to my friends as I try to make sense of it all. 

That's the key to everything I do right there: sense. The world is so big, so vast, so littered with diversity, so complicated. The expansive nebulous of space is even more incomprehensible on scale and complexity. 

In my opinion, the mysterious composition of consciousness and cognition is exponentially more incomprehensible than either. 

There's an inherent ease to looking outward to speculate, rationalize, hypothesize. However, there's no physical window into the mind and soul. For many of us, that's the reason to look outward, towards the actions and tendencies of others; contemplating their rationale, the source of the momentum that guided them, the repercussions of their actions on society.

That's why I speculate on how much genetics and environment affect the nature of individuals. I try to imagine the reasons why. I try to imagine how things came to be the way they are right now.  I do that in order to imagine why I am the way I am. 

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