Based outside of Boston, Massachusetts, The Thought Porch is a personal blog by aspiring novelist Max Ghannam. Posts explore the mind and body, as well motivational thoughts on life and sources of inspiration.

Saying Goodbye

"Two artifacts of life emitting different frequencies, coming together to form a full circle -- giving us something we recognize as a whole. You can step on the forest floor and simply think that you are stepping on one solitary surface. Really it's a conglomeration of many different forms of life, in different stages of life, coming together in unison to give us something we understand."

I've been taking these close up snapshots in nature in order to inform my understanding of a character whose perspective I use in a story.

It's interesting to see the way my mind switches over to that character's state of mind. I can look at life through their lens, and interpret information with their biases and beliefs as filters.

I'm almost done with the story. It's becoming increasingly apparent to me that I will have to say goodbye to the character in question.

I'm dreading the impending need to mourn the loss of a friend that I never even knew I had. A friend that's technically a figment. A figment that I will miss nonetheless.   



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