Based outside of Boston, Massachusetts, The Thought Porch is a personal blog by aspiring novelist Max Ghannam. Posts explore the mind and body, as well motivational thoughts on life and sources of inspiration.

Keep Trying (New Things)

There's nothing like the impending anxiety of trying something new to get the creative juices flowing. Really, the juices of life flowing. 

For me, it's almost like I have an inherent goal to close myself off from the world. I want to see and not be seen so often. 

When you try something new, you are forced to open yourself up to the world and all of the unknown that it holds. 

The feeling is childlike and precious. It transports you to a time when all of life seemed new and different. Before you had been able to assimilate to the way certain aspects of our society work.

It doesn't matter what the new activity is, really. Try and keep it positive. Focusing on things that expand the mind and improve the body is maybe the best approach. In the end, it doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you keep on trying to find the things that work best. 

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