Based outside of Boston, Massachusetts, The Thought Porch is a personal blog by aspiring novelist Max Ghannam. Posts explore the mind and body, as well motivational thoughts on life and sources of inspiration.

Finding My Thought Porch

I'm not the first person to start a blog. I'm not the best writer to start one. I'm not the smartest or most interesting person on the internet to have one. So why create a space for my work?

The simplest answer is that I needed an alternative to the literal thought porch. The place where I began to explore creativity and my mind. The place where my journey to cultivate that creativity spawned from. A place that would have never been special if not for what happened there in my youth. I found my passion for writing.

Since leaving the thought porch, my writing has been the only place for my ideas to develop. As I continue to do so, it's become obvious that my writing is my own personal Thought Porch. That through my continued dedication, I have constructed a forum through which free thinking is encouraged. Where any idea I have will be accepted, expanded upon, or discarded. But they are all equally encouraged to occur. 

The Thought Porch is where I learned that it's ok to create. It's ok to feel something and express that sentiment in whatever way feels best. It's where I learned that it's ok to get caught up in a daydream. That when my mind wanders, it stumbles upon the most beautiful things.

It's also where I learned to write down anything I don't want to forget.

The Thought Porch was an important place for me. I'm hoping that by conjuring its memory, I can imbue this website with the same air of hopeful wandering that led me to find my passion as a writer.

Always Ready To Work On It